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What’s Cooking? Long Island Summer Camp

At What’s Cooking’s? summer camp in Long Island, NY, the daily activities (10am – 1pm 3 days a week)
will focus on improving campers cooking skills, inspiring them to become better chefs, and just having
an all-amazing summer! Each day campers will create a craft, cook lunch, a snack and a take-home treat.
Each day campers learn a new skill when making their special take-home goody. One day, campers bake 6 customized cupcakes from scratch! They learn how to make their own colored icings and icing bags. Campers then use those icing bags to decorate their cupcakes in unique ways.

Another day, campers make about a pound of cookies and learn how to make their own colored cookie icing.
They then learn how to decorate their cookies with cool tie-dye designs!

Lastly, children will learn to create chocolate treats using specialty chocolate melts in our
assorted theme-inspired chocolate molds. The summer camp is open to children ages 4 – 14,
with cooking awards given out weekly! So don’t “sweat it”,
let What’s Cooking? fill your child’s summer with sweet and satisfying fun!

What’s Cooking? Summer Camp Schedule

Each week of this summer's Cooking Camp is filled with activities to keep the fun going
all summer long! Here’s a full list of camp schedule to see what each weeks holds.

Week 1 of Camp: Stars and Stripes!
Have a “red, white and blue” week and enjoy All-American activities
and foods from homemade mac n' cheese to apple pie.

Week 2 & 3 of Camp: International Cooking!
Travel to a new country each day, cooking up appetizers, main dishes and desserts.
Travel to exotic places such as China, France, Italy (make pasta from scratch!) & Israel too!

Week 4 of Camp: A Camping We Will Go!
Take your camping trip at What's Cooking? without the bugs & bears!
Enjoy Grilled sliders, BBQ chicken and don't forget the smores!

Week 5 of Camp: It's Snowing in July!
Make this summer feel like winter and “cool off” with some “icy” projects and
warm comfort food; make snow in July!

Week 6 of Camp:Let's Have a Beach Party!
“Sand and Sun” and lots of fun with
smoothies and pigs-in-a-blanket at the beach.

Week 7 of Camp: Peace, Love & Rock 'n Roll!
Peace bread, love beads & heart snacks and good music abound!
Visit our “Hard Rock Cafe”!

Week 8 of Camp: Join Us for a Luau!
Chicken kebabs, scrumptious lo mein & Asian food, banana trees,
fruit skewers and smores pie too! It's all Hawaii at What's Cooking?

So if you’re looking for a summer camp in Long Island, come check out What’s Cooking?
where your child will experience a culinary adventure! Space is limited so make
sure to register soon! Print the flyer below to see all the activities
or contact us (516-922-2665) to find out more about signing your child up
for a summer they’ll never forget! to sign your child up for a summer they’ll never forget!


Whats My Cooking Summer Camp Schedule 2014


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