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What’s Cooking? may be a local Long Island culinary school for children, but its founder Lynne Gerald has made some very big headlines.

ynne Gerald was featured on "THE MARTHA STEWART SHOW" on 9/11/09 & 8/27/10

As a featured guest on the MARTHA STEWART SHOW Lynne discussed "Back to School" nutritional lunches and snacks for children. Lynne demonstrated how to easily make delicious and tasty food that children would enjoy eating.

A favorite nutritious lunch, a cinnamon raisin roll-up, was demonstrated on air. It consists of low fat cream cheese, apples, yellow raisins, shredded carrot and a drop of honey and cinnamon all rolled up in a whole wheat wrap. Other homemade fruit spreads and healthy muffins were tasted too. Lynne was asked to return at a future date to create more delicious recipes.

In the second interview (August 27 2010) I showed how  to make fun lunches for children in which they can participate in.
I demonstrated  cool faux sushi, delicious 10 minute tomato soup for the busy mom and a fun sandwich-on-a-stick.  Our dessert was a pineapple empanada and a yummy fruit smoothie called Strawberry Fields. With the culinary and baking classes at What's Cooking? the children would learn
to prepare these same dishes and more like them!



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